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Here's a little drabble I wrote for the Kaka/Saku DW com.
Prompt: Oo la la

Sakura was inwardly fuming and would have been stomping down the street if it weren’t for the fact that she was wearing very uncomfortable three-inch heels. She never should have made that stupid bet with Kakashi. Her cheeks blazed red-hot with embarrassment and anger at the memory.


He had been down on the ground, and she, standing over his head with her foot positioning firmly over his windpipe. It was then he had managed to choke out, “Sakura, I can see your panties.”


He had been lying of course, She had been wearing her trade mark shorts so there was no way he could see up her pink skirt and gawk at her delicates, but the comment had unnerved her enough that she had let down he guard so that Kakashi had been able to turn the tables and win.


The bet had been that if Sakura was victorious, the two of them would be attending Konoha’s New Year’s costume party together, Kakashi as Peter Pan (tights and all) and Sakura as his pixie companion. However, if Kakashi won, she had to go, not only in a costume of his choosing but would also be required to say a phrase on command. Sakura thought Kakashi’s terms were odd, but really hadn’t planned on losing to the old man. Now that she was twenty-five, the silver-haired man was nearly forty.   


Now as they walked down the street, Sakura was still fuming in her fishnets, garter belts, way too many layers of skirts and the corset that seemed to defy physics as it lifted her meager breasts up to her chin and managed to make them look enormous. She glared at the man next to her who was walking along casually with his hands stuffed in his pockets, totally oblivious to her embarrassment and discomfort.


“What are you supposed to be anyway?” she snapped, noting that he had traded in the standard Jounin uniform for an outfit entirely of black.


“I’m a ninja,” he replied as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.


It was at that point Sakura wanted to ditch the party and spend her New Year’s beating Kakashi within an inch of his life, healing him, and doing it all over again.


When they arrived at the party at the Hyuuga estate, Hinata greeted them at the main gate.


“Kakashi , you’re a ninja! How…creative,” she said with a timid smile. “And Sakura, what are you supposed to be?’


Kakashi helpfully chimed in. “She’s a can can girl!”


He looked over meaningfully and nodded his head. It was time for the catch phrase.


“Oo la la,” Sakura said through gritted teeth, her fist twitching as it longed to punch the dirty old man.


Hinata, who was the epitome of politeness had to stifle her laughter with a hand pressed to her mouth. If Hinata reacted like that, how the hell was she going to live this down after Naruto saw her?


Tonight was going to be the longest New Year’s ever.

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