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Hello all! This is my entry for the Fanmix Throwdown hosted by Kakasaku!

This collection of music tells the story of how their romantic relationship starts despite their better judgement, the ups and downs and fiery passion, and the inevitable breakup that ensues.

The album art is by 0thefoolnever and has been colored by me to it the mood.

Title: Love Lust & Agony (In Three Acts)
Mixed by: superduperotaku (j-pop princess)
Songs: 15
Art by: 0thefoolnever

cd cover

album back

Act I: Feelings Discovered         
Track 1
The White Stripes- “A Martyr For My Love For You”
I'm beginning to like you
So you probably won't get what I'm going to do
I'm walkin' away from you
It probably don't make much sense to you
But I'm trying to save you
From all of the things that I'll probably say or do
Track 2
Thom Yorke- “Skip Divided (Modeselektor Remix)”
When you walk in the room everything disappears
When you walk in the room it's a terrible mess
When you walk in the room I start to melt
When you walk in the room I follow you round
Track 3
Incubus- “Here In My Room”
You enter and close the door behind you
Now show me the world as seen from the stars
If only the lights would dim a little
I'm weary of eyes upon my scars
Track 4
Bjork- “Joga”
all that no one sees
you see
what's inside of me
every nerve that hurts you heal
deep inside of me
Track 5
Brandon Boyd- “Courage and Control”
It's time to let your hair down
And give yourself permission
It takes courage and control
But you start by letting go
Act II: The Rocky Road
Track 6
Frightened Rabbit- “Living In Colour”
Weeks gone by, I was weak
I was paler than a pine box that holds bones
She poked the iris, then she pierced a hole
And watched the colour rush forth
Track 7
Local Natives- “Cards And Quarters”
Take off all of your clothes and climb
Into a cave of sheets tonight
Steal away
You and me
To a cave made of sheets
Track 8
American Analog Set- “The Only One”
Keep me like a key, I'm the only one
Worn around your neck, I'm the only one
Lucky like a charm, I'm the only one
Closest to your heart, I'm the only one
Track 9
Ingrid Michaelson- “Die Alone”
I never thought I could love anyone but myself.
Now I know I can't love anyone but you.
You make me think that maybe I won't die alone.
Maybe I won't die alone.
Track 10
Lana Del Rey-“Lucky Ones”
Everybody told me love was blind
Then I saw your face and you blew my mind
Finally, you and me are the lucky ones this time
Act III: Decomposition
Track 11
Nine Inch Nails- “We’re In This Together”

you and me
we're in this together now
none of them can stop us now
we will make it through somehow
you and me
if the world should break in two
until the very end of me
until the very end of you
Track 12
Imagine Dragons- “Demons”
When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
It’s where my demons hide
It’s where my demons hide
Don’t get too close
It’s dark inside
It’s where my demons hide

Track 13
Elisa- “Dancing”
if I were to be alone silence would rock my tears
‘cause it's all about love and I know better
how life is a waving feather
so I put my arms around you, around you
and I know that I'll be leaving soon
Track 14
Moby- “Wait For Me”
I'm gonna ask you to look away
A broken life will never stay
Tried to hard and I always lay
Days are grey
and nights are black
Track 15
M. Ward- “Bad Dreams”
And I'm damned before I even begin,
But I'll chase you through the room again,
Ask you to be my best best friend and then I lose you.
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