Drabble #4

Jan. 6th, 2012 11:20 am
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Title:Technical Terms
Written for the KakaSaku com.

“So how is it, doctor?” Kakashi asked teasingly as he sat in the hospital bed. Sakura unwrapped the bandages covering most of his body and nodded in approval at the rate his injuries were healing.


“You had some boo boos but they’re healing up nicely.”


“Boo boos?” Kakashi said with a smile. Is that the technical term?”


“No, the technical term is that you have extensive superficial lacerations and contusions, but most people don’t want technical terms for everything.”


Kakashi rolled his one visible eye. “I’m sure not everything actually has a technical term, Sakura. Take sex for instance. It-“


“Fornicating, copulating, coitus. I could go on.” Sakura said before Kakashi could even finish his sentence.


“Well, that was a bad example,” he sighed with a dismissive wave of his hand. “But you can’t possibly have a technical term for something like…I don’t know…staring at someone’s crotch or something.”


Sakura’s eyes narrowed as she leaned in. “If I’m back in fifteen minutes with proof that you’re wrong, you’re buying me dinner.”


“Fine,” Kakashi said, shaking her hand, confident that some scientist or linguist or professional crotch-starrer couldn’t have possibly coined a term for the act. It would be Sakura paying for their next meal, not him.


Or at least that’s what he thought until Sakura returned ten minutes later with a large leather-bound dictionary.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Kakashi grumbled as Sakura thrust the open book in his face.


“Here,” she said, pointing to a specific word. “Read this.”


“Krukolibidinous,” he read incredulously. “The act of staring at someone’s crotch.”


Sakura shut the book with a snap.


“You should be healed enough to leave the hospital tomorrow. I’m free for dinner tomorrow night. Is it a date?”


 “Fine,” Kakashi groaned, sinking back against the pillows.  


As she sauntered out of the room, Kakashi reminded himself never to make intellectual bets with the book-smart women.


He wasn’t sure what disturbed him more, the fact that there really was a technical word for staring at someone’s crotch or that Sakura had taken the time and energy to look it up.

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